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Doogort Big Beach Clean
Golden Strand
Doogort Big Beach Clean

All welcome!
Join us on Golden Strand and Silver Strand at Doogort, Achill between 12 noon and 4p.m. on World Environment Day in a collaborative approach to tackle marine litter and plastic pollution.

Pack a picnic and come along to learn about marine ecology and plastics while helping to declutter our beaches of litter!
Free shuttle bus from Mulranny Park Hotel (11:30 a.m.) on June 5th with an additional stop at Achill Outdoor (spaces limited).
Shuttle will operate between beaches on the day to avoid overcrowding with cars.

National Parks and Wildlife Service, Clean Coasts, BIM, Leave No Trace, Mayo County Council, Achill Tourism, VTOS and Achill Outdoor will join together across two beaches to raise awareness of the biggest threats to marine ecosystems.

Lavelle's Caravan and Camping, The Strand Hotel and Seal Caves Campsite will be supporting us at both beaches.

For more information contact Wild Nephin Ballycroy National Park Visitor Centre on 098-49888. See you there!

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Drammenselva fri for søppel

Vi rydder langs gangveien/elva mellom Muusøya - Åssiden Elvepark

Her avslutter vi dagen med grilling og hygge

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Driftwood: World Oceans Day Sustainable Seafood Special

Celebrate World Oceans Day with delicious, sustainable seafood! On Saturday, June 8 customers can enjoy a World Oceans Day special of lionfish--rated as a green Best Choice by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program. Driftwood will also be distibuting Seafood Watch stickers and consumer guides to help people make better seafood choices for a healthy ocean. Shop and dine with businesses who are supporting responsible practices and download the Seafood Wath app as a free guide.

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Drinks Reception to celebrate World Oceans Day

Jennifer Guerrini Maraldi, JGM Gallery Director and Blue Marine Foundation would be delighted for you to join them on the evening of Wednesday 19th June to enjoy the wonderful artwork made by Erub Arts. An artists group working with fishing nets that have washed up on the shore of their Pacific Island.

As the global war on waste collects momentum, the exhibition Caught In The Net at JGM Gallery London is timely and significant. It is designed to link environmental artists and conservation groups with a wider audience. Exploring and drawing attention to the growing crisis of plastic pollution in our oceans while acknowledging and promoting understanding of varying cultural aspects.

The exhibition Caught in the Net features artwork developed as a collaboration of Erub Arts with Lynnette Griffiths and Marion Gaemers, Australian artists who are at the forefront of the global ghost net artistic movement. Biodiversity, environmental preservation and proximity bring together these indigenous and non-indigenous artists.

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Du Littoral aux abysses : beauté et fragilité d'un monde sous-marin

A l’initiative de l’Accord RAMOGE, avec son partenaire le Centre Permanent d’Initiatives pour l’Environnement Iles de Lérins et Pays d’Azur (CPIE), et de la Ville de Cannes, une journée de sensibilisation « Du littoral aux abysses » se tiendra le 8 juin à Cannes, à l’occasion de la journée mondiale des Océans. Cet évènement permettra de sensibiliser le grand public à la beauté et à la fragilité du monde sous-marin. Les associations NaturDive, Méditerrranée 2000, Conseil Scientifique des Iles de Lérins, les campagnes Ecogestes Méditerranée et Inf’eau Mer, s’associent activement à cette initiative.

La journée s’articulera autour de conférences, tables rondes, stands, exposition, projection de film pour vous immerger progressivement dans le monde sous-marin.

Le matin, à partir de 10 heures, l’Espace Miramar accueillera différentes tables rondes qui permettront d’appréhender le monde sous-marin peu profond et proche de nos côtes. Les différents acteurs présenteront leurs actions, de la science participative, aux campagnes de préservation du milieu marin, menées par les associations locales et les collectivités territoriales.

A 14h30, les scientifiques de l’Agence Française pour la Biodiversité (AFB), de l’IFREMER, du CPIE, du Centre Scientifique et de la Direction de l’Environnement de Monaco, de l’Université de Gênes, de l’Instituto Superiore per la Protezione e la Ricerca Ambientale (ISPRA), et du GIS Posidonie, qui ont pris part à la campagne océanographique d’exploration de l’Accord RAMOGE, menée en 2018 dans les zones profondes d’intérêt écologique, présenteront les différents résultats de cette expédition. Ils dévoileront les nombreuses découvertes de cette aventure scientifique, relatives aux habitats et la biodiversité, et les menaces des pressions liées aux activités humaines qui pèsent sur ces milieux. De plus, les géologues qui ont pu bénéficier, grâce à cette exploration, de nouvelles observations sur ces abysses, viendront raconter l’histoire de cette géologie singulière.

A 18 heures sera projeté le film documentaire « Méditerranée » réalisé par Jérôme ESPLA.


Venez en famille, petits et grands à la découverte de ce monde peu connu mais fascinant !

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DUAL Locations Cleanup - Matapeake Pier & Beach

DUAL CLEANUP EVENT! WE ARE OFFERING TWO LOCATIONS FOR THIS DATE. Please choose which location you wish to attend and just show up.

Stevensville - Directions: Rt. 50/301 to South Rt. 8, turn right to Marine Academy Drive, turn left into parking area.

WHEN DETAILS: All cleanups will be held on Saturday mornings starting at 8:00 am and running until noon, unless we finish early. You may come and stay as long or short as you wish...no pressure:)

AGE AND PARTICIPATION WAIVER: *All volunteers must sign a participation waiver regardless of age* Fill out here or fill out on site:https://www.kentislandbeachcleanups.com/important-documents

SUPERVISION OF MINORS: We require children that are 12 years of age and under must be accompanied by a parent, other adult or a sibling over 16. All children under 18 years of age and under must check in and those 12 years of age and under must check in with the parent, adult or sibling when they arrive. Those parents, adults or siblings attending the event with the volunteer 12 years of age and under, must agree to stay with the child at all times. Kent Island Beach Cleanups and its Board of Directors and/or any Representative of Kent Island Beach Cleanups is not responsible for the child.

SUPPLIES: We will provide all of our volunteers with cleanup supplies (gloves, buckets, trash bags, few pickers, etc) and a light snack. We will NO LONGER offer bottled water as this goes against our beliefs of consuming and using less single-use plastic. Please bring a reusable water bottle and we will have water available for you to refill your bottle.

Print our mandatory waiver form here! Bring it with you to the cleanup.

We offer Student Volunteer Service Hours/Letters and Letters of Recommendation for regular student volunteers!

**These dates are subject to change and/or cancellation in the event of inclement weather or other adverse events. We will make sure we provide ample time prior to the cleanup to notify you if there is a cancellation or change to the time/date.**

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Dundee Ocean Wave!
By the V&A on the waterfront
Dundee Ocean Wave!

In preparation for World Oceans Day, we will be creating a human wave of 'blue' people to signify our support for creating ocean sanctuaries. These are sections of ocean which are off limits for industrial fishing and deep-sea mining, and are known to be an effective way of protecting marine species, increasing biodiversity and improving the health of the waters on which we all depend.

So come along and join us for this wonderful photo opportunity, dressed all in blue, and we will provide the face-paint! After the photo, we'll set up a stall and gather petition signatures to UN leaders, urging them to turn 30% of our oceans into sanctuaries. All welcome!

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DuPont Sourcing Spearheads Plastic Cleanup in Dawahon Island, Cebu

To celebrate World Oceans Day 2019 last June 8, DuPont Warm Water Seaweed Sourcing sponsored a plastic waste cleanup in Dawahon Island, Leyte in the Philippines. About 30 seaweed farmers working with Royal Algaculture, DuPont’s primary spinosum supplier in the Philippines, cleared almost 1,000 kg of plastic debris from seaweed farms in the island. They also participated in a forum by social worker Elmer Luceno on sustainable plastic management with the municipal solid waste authority. Dawahon island produces about 30MT of dried spinosum for the DuPont Rockland (US) carrageenan processing plant.

The activity marks the eighth consecutive year of World Oceans Day involvement for DuPont Nutrition & BioSciences.

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Williams Town Beach, Grand Bahama Island

EARTHCARE Volunteers and EARTHCARE Eco Kids will join with the Sustainable Tourism Committee to clean Williams Town Beach. Please join us!! We will have bags, gloves and a 5 gallon water jug so bring your reusable water containers!! Please also bring your own snorkel gear if you intend to do any underwater cleaning.

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Earth's Edge River Dodder Litter Survey and Cleanup
Bohernabreena Reservoirs Car Park
Earth's Edge River Dodder Litter Survey and Cleanup

Business Volunteers Earth's Edge River Dodder Litter Survey and Cleanup

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ECOBiking for a Cause
Bacungang Highway (Covered Court) to Talaudyong Beach
ECOBiking for a Cause

Calling all Bike Enthusiasts: Pedal Up to Beat Air Pollution.

Join us in an ECOBiking for a Cause this Wednesday, June 05, 2019 at 5:00 am.

ECOBiking Route: Bacungang Highway (Covered Court) to Talaudyong Beach.

Registration for each participants:
2 Notebooks
1 Pen
1 Pencil
1 8-Colored Crayon
1 Sharpener
1 Pad of Paper (Any Grade Level)
1 Eraser
1 Long Brown Envelop

Registration materials will proceed to the first recipient schools of Project EARTHducation. A project in accordance of the World Environment and World Ocean Day Celebration. This project aims to educate and prepare our children on their environmental responsibilities. Education is a powerful tool to create environmental awareness and understanding.

You can register at Yamang Bukid Healthy Products Outlets: SM Mall, Robinsons Mall, NCC Mall, One Asenso - San Pedro, Ka Inato and at Yamang Bukid Farm.

This is Not a Race, This is for awareness. Let us work together to Beat Air Pollution. Together we can!

For more details, please contact:
Hope Alas

*A Coastal Clean Up will follow at Talaudyong Beach.

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EDF Oceans

What’s for dinner on World Oceans Day, Saturday, June 8th? That’s the question EDF Oceans is asking as we spread the word about healthy, sustainable and sometimes overlooked fish species that would be a tasty and environmentally friendly option for dinner.

The United States has seen the amazing recovery of many of its fish stocks thanks to sustainable practices and management systems. However, oftentimes the fish stocks that are the most sustainable are not the most popular with consumers, encouraging unsustainable sourcing of popular fish and hurting American fishermen who are doing the most for our environment.

EDF’s Oceans program wants to change this by recommending some seafood options that some Americans may not have tried before, but that are both sustainable and delicious.

“Eat your way to a healthier ocean this World Oceans Day by trying out a new sustainable seafood. Being adventurous at the fish counter is one of the best ways you can personally help the environment and support the sustainable seafood industry,” said Tim FitzgeraldDirector of Impact for EDF’s Oceans Program.

Below are just a few environmentally-friendly fish stocks to consider, along with some suggested recipes to try.


East Coast- Monkfish

This unconventional looking fish has it all, its tail is sweet, firm and mildly flavored: the perfect choice for picky eaters and seafood enthusiasts alike.

After being declared overfished in 1999, fisheries managers adopted a number of conservation measures that led to monkfish, also called angler fish, being rebuilt in 2013. After years of being red-listed by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program, the fishery was upgraded to “Good Alternative” in 2012.

Monkfish can be found either fresh or frozen in a variety of preparations including whole, tail fillets either with the skin on or off.


Gulf of Mexico- Red Snapper

Red Snapper is not just a popular and delicious fish across the U.S., it’s also one of America’s greatest comeback stories.

Less than 15 years ago, the Gulf of Mexico red snapper fishery was on the verge of collapse due to decades of poor management. In 2007, commercial fishermen shifted to a secure fishing rights system that meant more predictability for fishermen and businesses, as well as a sustainable way forward for this iconic species.

The fishery has rebounded in dramatic fashion. By 2013 snapper was taken off the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s “avoid” list and is currently listed as a “good alternative”.

This stock’s recovery has meant good news for fishermen, the seafood industry, chefs and consumers who love to eat this highly versatile and easy-to-prepare fish. Try it grilled, with a light dressing of lemon and thyme.

Make sure you are getting authentic Gulf Red Snapper using programs like Gulf Wild.

West Coast- Chilipepper Rockfish and Yellowtail Rockfish

Don’t let the name confuse you, Chilipepper Rockfish won’t set your mouth on fire. But it is one of the more than 90 groundfish species that include cod, sole and more that are plentiful, sustainably harvested and delicious.

West coast Groundfish used to be wildly popular in the ’80s and ’90s. Unfortunately, unsustainable catch limits led many fish species to be overexploited, causing major problems for fish and fishermen.

In 2000, the U.S. Pacific groundfish fishery was on the verge of collapse, and the federal government declared it a disaster.

Fishermen, regulators and conservationists, including Environmental Defense Fund, worked together to design a rights-based management plan that went into operation in 2011.

Now, less than 20 years after it was declared a disaster, the fishery has rebounded spectacularly, with several overfished stocks completely rebuilt, many ahead of schedule.

Fishermen are now able to harvest millions of pounds of abundant and sustainable rockfish and other species, with last year having the largest volume of groundfish caught since the fishery was declared a disaster in 2000.

However, after years of these tasty fish being less available in the market, fishermen are not seeing the same demand for these delicious fish as there used to be. You can help by seeking out recovered groundfish species like Chilipepper Rockfish and Yellowtail Rockfish for dinner this World Oceans Day.

Positively Groundfish is a great resource for more information about the amazing recovery of the West Coast Groundfish Fishery.

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Eel River Bar Shoreline Cleanup
Eel River Bar First Nation
Eel River Bar Shoreline Cleanup

The Gespe'gewaq Mi'gmaq Resource Council (GMRC) is organizing a shoreline cleanup in Eel River Bar First Nation. GMRC is a non-profit organization focused on aquatic research. Our core activities include habitat management and stewardship, as well as research and collection of Mi’gmaq Ecological Knowledge. On Thursday, June 6th, we invite you to join us as we clean the beaches along Eel River Bar First Nation between 9 am and noon time.  If you are interested in taking part, please contact Charlene LaBillois at (418) 788-3017.



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Eel Trek Project – “European eel migration- the final act”

As part of the celebration of World Oceans Day, Expolab – Ciência Viva Science Center, in collaboration with the Azorean Biodiversity Group (ABG) of the Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes (cE3c) of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, will promote a talk about the Eel Trek project – “European eel migration- the final act”.

This project was funded by the Ocean Conservation FUND (Oceanário de Lisboa and Oceano Azul Foundation) and is coordinated by José Manuel Azevedo, professor at the University of the Azores and investigator at ABG/cE3c. It aims to study the migration of the European eel (Anguilla anguilla), classified as "Critically Endangered", as well as to understand the importance of the Azores in its life cycle.

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eeZ Fusion & Sushi: World Oceans Day Sustainable Seafood Special

Celebrate World Oceans Day with delicious, sustainable seafood! On Saturday, June 8 customers can enjoy a World Oceans Day special recommended by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program. eeZ Fusion & Sushi will also be distibuting Seafood Watch stickers and consumer guides to help people make better seafood choices for a healthy ocean. Dine with businesses who are supporting responsible practices and download the Seafood Wath app as a free guide.

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El Día de los Océanos en la Cofradía de Pescadores de Barcelona

Les invitan a disfrutar de una visita guiada al puerto pesquero y a la subasta de pescado de Barcelona, donde se exhibirá la exposición del proyecto Marviva, cuyo objetivo es recoger y clasificar residuos marinos gracias a la implicación de los pescadores.

Aforo limitado, se recomienda reservar a info@elpeixalplat.com

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El Paredón ¡Limpio Te Quiero!
El Paredón, Sipacate, Guatemala
El Paredón ¡Limpio Te Quiero!

A beach cleanup in the Guatemalan Pacific Coast with the participation of more that 150 people within locals and tourists. 

The idea of the cleanup is to raise awareness about plastic pollution, and invite them to tackle this issue by reducing, reusing and recycling. Also, to reduce the threats that the trash is causing to marine and coastal animals that live nearby. 

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Embleton Beach School Beach Clean

Embleton Primary School will be conducting a beach clean on the afternoon of Friday 7th June at the north end of Embleton Bay, Northumberland - from 1pm to 2 pm.

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End Food Waste: One of TOP 3 ways to Reverse Climate Change!

Join Food Rescue US-Miami as we, using an app, rescue food from hotels, restaurants and markets and deliver to local homeless shelters as a way to reduce food waste in landfills.  Reducing Food Waste is one of the TOP 3 ways to actually reverse climate change, global warming of our seas.  Sign up on FoodRescue.US and join us this week on rescue runs at Fontainebleau Miami Beach and Starbucks. Or whenever a rescue run is convenient.  World Ocean Day IS every day!

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Enjoying sustainable healthy seafood

Seafood is a nutritionally important food and part of our culture. However, uncertainty about sustainability has left many including health professionals unsure what to recommend(Farmery et al 2017).

The Fisheries Research and Development Corporation with the leading dietitcan have developed a guide that provides health consumers and professionals with the latest information based on research from theStatus of Australian Fish Stocks Reports, and information on the health benefits of eating seafood. For an overview of the nutritional reasons to encourage seafood consumption. You candownload and read the review of the evidence supporting the promotion of fish and seafood for health 

The good news is Australian fisheries offer a wide variety of seafood species, managed to ensure there is an ongoing supply and sustainability. Plenty ofinformation is available on Australian seafood to help us choose the most sustainable species. Eating seafood is a good choice for our health, but sustainable, locally caught seafood is also good for the environment and supports the local fishing industry.

http://www.fishfiles.com.au/Experts/HealthProfessionals/Healthy-family-friendly-recipes On this World Oceans day enjoy some simple sustainalble seafood. Each recipe has been chosen because it is healthy, simple and suitable for everyday meals. A cost per serve helps those on a budget. Importantly, each recipe includes suggestions for sustainable fish species.

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