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Foto expositie: Ontdek de verborgen Noordzee / Photo exhibition: Discover the North Sea

On Thursday 6th of June Oceana opens the photo-exposition “Discover the hidden North Sea” on the Museumsquare in Amsterdam. The exposition, that is free to visit for everyone until 24rd of June, shows unique and colorful images that Oceana made of the wildlife in the North Sea during two recent expeditions. The goal is to make Dutch audience aware of the beauty of the North Sea and the urgency to protect the vulnerable underwaterworld in our back yard during World Oceans Day (Saturday 8th June) . The exposition shows colorful and surprising images of the habitat in the Nort Sea, including crabs, sea stars, anemones, lion’s mane jellyfish, seals and a sea slugs.

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FREE FILM screening of Netflix documentary in Camel Bar

We would love to invite YOU to our special FREE film screening of the Netflix original documentary, “Chasing Coral” in Camel Bar as part of ourWorld Oceans Day celebrations on June 7th, 2019.

“Coral reefs around the world are vanishing at an unprecedented rate. A team of divers, photographers and scientists set out on a thrilling ocean adventure to discover why and to reveal the underwater mystery to the world in this modern and up to date documentary.

The evening will start at 6:30pm in Camel Bar as part of our regular Divers’ Night, with the documentary screening followed by the drawing of a raffle, with all proceeds from the raffle going toProject AWARE. Prizes have been kindly donated by:

Maison De La Mer

Venera Beauty and Spa


Camel Dive Club

Camel Bar

As always, there will be a FREE finger food buffet, Happy Hour till 8:00pm, DJand of course PEANUTS!

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Free Lesson Plans
World Oceans Day | Free Lesson Plans
Free Lesson Plans

Get your students ready for World Oceans Day! 

Download our latest free lesson plans that encourage students to develop their vocabulary, to collaborate, and to speak about current issues -> https://oxelt.gl/30IZXgr See Less

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Free Public Guided Tours of Outdoor Sea Turtle Hospital

Join us for World Oceans Day on Saturday, June 8th! Oceans are so vital that they have a day apart from Earth Day;
June 8th marks World Oceans Day. On this day, people around the world go blue! Dive into the celebration by participating in
our FREE guided tours of our Outdoor Sea Turtle Hospital. The guided tours will take you behind-the-gate to learn more about
our sea turtle patients with various illnesses and injuries, some of which are human-related. Sign-up will take place on campus

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Free Reef-Safe SPF15 Lip Balm at Holo Holo Charters

Visit Holo Holo Charters on World Oceans Day on June 8th for a FREE reef-safe SPF 15 lip balm!  

4354 Waialo Road Ste. 5A, Ele'ele HI 96705

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French Meadow Bakery and Cafe: Sustainable Seafood Special

Celebrate World Oceans Day with delicious, sustainable seafood! On Saturday, June 8 customers can enjoy a World Oceans Day special rated as a Best Choice by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program. Inland Seafood will also be distibuting Seafood Watch stickers. Seafood Watch helps people make better seafood choices for a healthy ocean. Shop and dine with businesses who are supporting responsible practices and download the Seafood Wath app as a free guide.

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Friendly Beach Walk
Friendly Beaches
Friendly Beach Walk

Meet at Friendly Beaches car park at 4pm; walk as far as you want. Bring a bag to collect any rubbish. Remember it's a National Park so look but don't take. 

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From the Coast to the Abyss

The event is being organised by the Permanent Centre of Initiatives for the Environment Lérins, Pays d’Azur Islands (CPIE), and the City of Cannes, under the initiative of the RAMOGE Agreement. 

Starting at 10am, there will be conferences, exhibitions, round table discussions and booths to visit, all highlighting the “beauty and fragility of the underwater world”.

At 6pm, the documentary Mediterranean, directed by Jérôme Espla, will be screened to cap the evening.  

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From the littoral to the abyss: beauty and fragility of an underwater world

On the initiative of the RAMOGE Agreement, with its partner the Permanent Center for Environmental Initiatives for the Lérins and Pays d'Azur Islands (CPIE), and the City of Cannes, an awareness day "From the coastline to the abyss "will be held on June 8th in Cannes, on the occasion of World Oceans Day. This event will raise public awareness of the beauty and fragility of the underwater world. The associations NaturDive, Mediterranean 2000, Scientific Council of the Lérins Islands, the Ecogestes Méditerranée and Inf'eau Mer campaigns are actively involved in this initiative.

The day will revolve around conferences, round tables, stands, exhibition, film projection to immerse you gradually in the underwater world.

In the morning, starting at 10 am, Espace Miramar will host various round tables that will allow us to apprehend the shallow underwater world close to our shores. The various actors will present their actions, from participatory science, to campaigns for the preservation of the marine environment, led by local associations and local authorities.

At 2.30 pm, scientists from the French Agency for Biodiversity (AFB), IFREMER, CPIE, the Scientific Center and the Environment Directorate of Monaco, the University of Genoa, the Instituto Superiore per la Protezione e la Ricerca Ambientale (ISPRA), and GIS Posidonia, who took part in the oceanographic exploration campaign of the RAMOGE Agreement, conducted in 2018 in the deep zones of ecological interest, will present the various results of this expedition. They will unveil the many discoveries of this scientific adventure, relating to habitats and biodiversity, and the threats of pressures related to human activities that weigh on these environments. In addition, the geologists who benefited, thanks to this exploration, from new observations on these abyss,

At 18 hours will be screened the documentary film "Mediterranean" directed by Jérôme ESPLA.


Come with family, young and old to discover this little-known but fascinating world!

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Fun Run and Coastal Cleanup with Surfrider

Every run has a reason and on June 5th we are giving you two,
Global Run Day and Coastal Clean up with Surfrider Foundation.

Join us as we run "store to shore" and partner with Surfrider foundation to clean our coast along the way. 5k run, your friends, your pace, our coast!

Surfrider foundation is a dynamic and passionate network dedicated to protecting our ocean, waves, and beaches.

What to bring: a reusable water bottle, a friend, and your phone with the Strava app downloaded to track your run.

Who: Open to all levels, runners and walkers

7:30am: hand out route maps, meet and greet
7:45am Run/walk begins *start your strava run for #globalruncredit
8:15am Turn around point at Mingos Point
8:30am Educational conversation about how to get involved in helping us protect our sacred coast while enjoying refreshments from Java Java and Surprise and delight

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Gabriola Oceans Day Event
Descanso Bay Regional Park, Gabriola Island, BC, Candad
Gabriola Oceans Day Event

11th annual Oceans Day on Gabriola Island, British Columbia, Canada is happening Sunday June 9th 1:00-4:00 pm at Descanso Bay Reginal Park. Celebrate world oceans day with community groups, music, touch tanks, and fish-printing on fabric, and much more. 

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Gaiola World Ocean Day 2019
CSI Gaiola Onlus
Gaiola World Ocean Day 2019

L'Area Marina Protetta Parco Sommerso di Gaiola aderisce anche quest'anno alla Giornata Mondiale degli Oceani. I nostri volontari e ricercatori accoglieranno famiglie e bambini allestendo negli spazi esterni del Centro Ricerca e Divulgazione scientifica del Parco, laboratori didattici e giochi sull'universo marino, per imparare a conoscerne gli habitat fondamentali, i comparti biologici ed i vari abitanti...Un focus speciale sarà dedicato alla problematica della plastica e dell'inquinamento marino.

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Galveston Beach Cleanup Hosted by Thompson & Co. PR

In celebration of T&C PR's 10th anniversary, all our offices are participating in local service projects. In honor of World Oceans Day, which is on June 8, the Houston team is hosting a Galveston beach cleanup project on Thursday, June 6, from 10:30 - 11:30 a.m.

We're inviting all our friends and colleagues to join us for a day of service and fun to benefit our favorite island community. T&C will provide trash bags, gloves, bottled water and light snacks as well as coordinate all logistics.

A complete schedule is available below. An RSVP is not required for the Galveston Beach Cleanup but if you plan to attend, we would appreciate your emailing Megan O'Malley at omalley@thompsonpr.com or calling 832-804-9918 so we can ensure we have enough supplies.

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Gamifying the Sustainable Development Goals

When it comes to the environment, it can be a challenge for us to go beyond education, through to engagement, all the way to advocacy. Join us for this dynamic, collaborative workshop session where you will experience a new set of tools: first as a participant, then as a leader.

UNESCO have created flashcards on the Sustainable Development Goals. This simple tool is a perfect opportunity for science engagement organisations to engage the public alongside community stakeholders. The cards contain more than 200 questions ranging from systems approach to specific aspects of sustainability, allowing participants to explore each of the 17 SDGs in question-focused small group conversations, with the possibility of collaboratively identifying actions and solutions aimed at implementing the global goals in ways that are relevant to their lives and their communities. This is an effective way of engaging our communities on SDGs and creating a local sense of ownership.

We will first experience this training tool in action. Next we break into groups to brainstorm how we could apply these tools to our own work as educators. Finally each group will present their concept, opening up the discussion on ways to push the boundaries to real community engagement.

To fully benefit from this unusual workshop, we invite you to arrive right on time, stay together to enjoy a coffee break in the Gamelab and get back to sharing concept and brainstorming until 17:00.

Outcomes: what will participants get from this session? Skills, knowledge, experience etc.

A new tool to apply to their own work as educators
A chance to collaborate with colleagues to develop new workshop concepts
Food for thought on the tools we use to engage with our local communities
Better understanding of the SDGs, their interconnections and links to our everyday lives.

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Går på tur
Bergen, Nonnestien
Går på tur

Vi går tur fra Bergen terminalen til Nonnestien og området v. Store Lungegårdsvann og plukker søppel.

Prøver også å få med familie til å bli med.

Vi avslutter med god mat og god stemning.



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Gardaland Clean Up
Gardaland Lido Promenade
Gardaland Clean Up

Clean up as part of the SEA LIFE Trust 24 hour Global Clean Up in partnership with over 50 SEA LIFE aquaria around the world.

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Gender and the Law of the Sea book launch

In Gender and the Law of the Sea a distinguished group of law of the sea and feminist scholars critically engages with one of the oldest fields of international law. While the law of the sea has been traditionally portrayed as a technical, gender-neutral set of rules, of concern to States rather than humans, authors in this volume persuasively argue that critical feminist perspectives are needed to question the underlying assumptions of ostensibly gender-neutral norms. Coming at a time when the presence of women at sea is increasing, the volume forcefully and successfully argues that legal rules are relevant to ensure gender equality and the empowerment of women at sea, in an effort to render law for the oceans more inclusive.


This panel discussion will feature Dr. Irini Papanicolopulu, Associate Professor of International Law at the University of Milano-Bicocca and Editor of Gender and the Law of the Sea and Dr. Gina Heathcote, Reader in Gender Studies and International Law, Programme Convenor of the MA in Gender Studies and Law, and Programme Convenor of the LLM in Law and Gender Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. 


This event is hosted by the Women, Peace and Security program at AC4 and co-hosted by the Center for Gender and Sexuality Law at the Law School and the Columbia Water Center

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Gender and the Thai Seas
Pranburi National Forest Park, Pranburi, Prajuabkirikhan, Thailand
Gender and the Thai Seas

The World Ocean Day 2019 in Thailand will be celebrated under the theme "Gender and the Thai Seas" The 2019 edition of World Ocean Day will strive to build greater ocean and gender literacy and discover possible ways to promote gender equality in ocean-related activities such as marine scientific research, marine biodiversity conservation, fisheries, aquaculture, food security labour at sea, migration by sea, and human trafficking, building resilience on climate change impacts, ecotourism, policy making and management (https://unworldoceansday.org/gender-and-ocean) 8-9 June 2019 Pranburi Forest Park, Prajuabkirikhan, Thailand In 2019, IOI-Thailand will organize a 25 km biking campaign "Bike for Coastal Conservation (BCC)" at Pranburi Forest Park, Prajuabkirikhan Province on Sunday 9 June 2019. There will be around 170 Senior government officers, CEOs, business managers, bicycle clubs community and families to attend and to celebrate the WOD 2019. The campaign is collaborated and supported by Pranburi Forest Park in Prajuabkirikhan, National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation; Department of Marine and Coastal Resources; Department of Fisheries; Dairy Farming Promotion Organization Of Thailand; Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Centre; Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific; Airport of Thailand; Thai Airways International; Association of Fisheries Alumni; Thai Agricultural Business Association; The Federation of Thai Shrimp Farmers Association; fish farm owners (Teerayuth & Arunsri Tanomkiet); Association of Natural Disaster Prevention Industry; CCS, EVASON Hua Hin and bicycle clubs (BCC 124, SlimFish, Nongplub, Prajuab, Pranburi, etc.). The activity will help build up public awareness on Thai seas and marine resources conservation and promoting gender equality and empowerment in ocean conservation, governance and marine resources management. The Programme Schedule (8 - 9 June 2019) is as follows: Saturday 8 June 2019 15.00 - 18.00 hrs Registration at Pranburi Forest Park, Prajuabkirikhan to receive bike jursey for each of participant Sunday 9 June 2019 06.30 - 07.30 am Breakfast at Pranburi Forest Park 07.30 - 08.15 am Opening ceremony and aquatic animal stocking chaired by Governor of Prajuabkirikhan Province Speakers include 7.30- 7.35 hrs Welcome address by Director of IOI- Thailand, Mr. Kunjapong Anuratpanich 7.35 - 7.40 hrs Statement on Gender equality and the Thai Seas by Ms. Ravadee Prasertcharoensuk, Executive Director of Sustainable Development Foundation 7.40 - 7.45 hrs Statement on Impacts of Climate Change in the Thai Seas and Mitigation Measures by Mr. Pran Siamwalla, President, Association of Natural Disaster Prevention Industry and Senior Officer, Bank of Ayudhya (Public Company Ltd.) 7.45 - 7.50 hrs Message from Ms. Chularat Niratisayakul, Executive Director of Biodiversity-based Economy Development Office (Public Organization) 7.50 - 7.55 hrs Message from Mr. Alan Thomas, Managing Director, Evason Hua Hin 7.55 - 8.00 hrs Opening Address by Governor of Prajuabkirikhan Province 08.00 hrs Thailand's national anthem 08.05 - 08.25 hrs Presentation of appreciation plaques to speakers and sponsors 08.25 hrs Group photo 08.30 hrs Start bike campaign 08.30 - 11.00 hrs Bike for Coastal Conservation (BCC) with a group photo at the Ratchaphakdi Park 11.00 - 12.00 am Closing, coffee break and awarding of lucky draws & return safely to Bangkok

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Getting primary schools to sing one song the day before

A primary teacher Kirstten Cunningham with her children at Horfield school Bristol have wriiten a song.  

Its called Song of the Sea - it has no copy right.

Both of us along with a network of schools are trying to get every primary school to sing it the day before the 8th.

Its a great song about plastic in the oceans and relates to work our network of schools are involved in.

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