Event Key:

The World of Oceans at the Warsaw ZOO
Miejski Ogród Zoologiczny w Warszawie
The World of Oceans at the Warsaw ZOO
On Saturday, June 8, at 11-16 at the Warsaw Zoo will be held a picnic for the World Oceans Day. On this special day, we focus our attention on topics related to the protection of wildlife, endangered habitats of sea animals. 
Detailed program:
9.00 am - 11.00 am - a free movie presentation "Chasing Corals" with a discussion at the Warsaw ZOO conference room ul. Ratuszowa 1/3

Included in the ticket price to the Warsaw ZOO:
10:30 - 11.00 - Attractions at monkey islands (quiz, contests with prizes). You will see bacteria at work!
11.00 - 14.30 - Attractions on the picnic glade
11.00 - 13.00 - Field game (starting points at the catwalk run, marine aquarium or picnic clearing)
14.30 - 16.00 - movie presentation: "Chasing Corals"

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Thirdwave cafe and wine bar : World Oceans Day Sustainable Seafood Special

Celebrate World Oceans Day with delicious, sustainable seafood! On Saturday, June 8 customers can enjoy a World Oceans Day special of lionfish--rated as a green Best Choice by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program. Third Wave will also be distibuting Seafood Watch stickers and consumer guides to help people make better seafood choices for a healthy ocean. Shop and dine with businesses who are supporting responsible practices and download the Seafood Wath app as a free guide.

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On our birthdays we blow out the candles. On Valentine’s Day there’s always chocolate. And on Thanksgiving we feast and appreciate what we have. It could not be any other way, so on a special day such as the World Ocean Day, we did a special dive. For that reason, Go Green invited all those divers committed to the environment nearby our Playa del Carmen dive center to participate in this celebration.

The importance of corals reef for the Caribbean ecosystem and it delicate balance was discussed during the briefing. They also talked about the harmful effects of human activity, climate change and the increase in pollution; without forgetting behavior guidelines on how to reduce our footprint on the planet.


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Threats of our Oceans
Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
Threats of our Oceans

The Maritime Aboriginal Peoples Council (MAPC) has developed an underwater threats activity that will be set up inside of the gazebo at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic in Halifax Nova Scotia on June 7th, 2019. MAPC will be displaying various threats that marine animals face every day - fishing gear, plastic pollution, pipelines/subsea cables, decrease in prey availability, underwater noise etc. and participants will travel through these threats as they move through the exhibit. Additionally, we have two adjacent smaller activities: one that highlights the impacts of ocean acidifcation on animals with a calcium carbonate exoskeleton and another which allows participants to look through microscopes at the structure of various beach finds, such as seaweed, shells, and sand. 


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Threats to our Oceans
Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
Threats to our Oceans

Join the Maritime Aboriginal Peoples Council (MAPC) at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic to explore some of the threats that marine animals face every day. On June 7, 2019, MAPC will be highlighting fishing pressure (intentional and not), underwater noise, loss of prey availability, marine pollution, ocean acidification and more. Act as your favourite sea creature and experience the marine world through their eyes as we transform the gazebo and bring the underwater on land. MAPC is excited to see everyone at the Oceans Day event at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic and hope you'll join us in becoming Ocean SuperStars!

Event by Maritime Aboriginal Peoples Council


Event Contact:
Vanessa Mitchell

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An annual longboarding and surfing event that is held at Surfers Corner in Muizenberg, a poular surfing beach in Cape Town South Africa. Over 100 particiapnts taking part in the event which is celebrating its fifth anniversary.

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Tipicità in blu Festival 2019- VI Edition


The Tipicità in Blu Festival was born in Ancona (Marche, Italy) in the 2013.Tipicità in Blu is sponsored by  the municipality of Ancona,  with the partnership of the Chamber of Commerce, the National Research Council, the Polytechnic University of Marche and the Fishing Associations.

The Festival becomes an ambassador of the sea, of the beauty of the city and of its economic, commercial and social value and it is one of the most important event of the whole Adriatic-Ionian macro-region. This event is a true laboratory- event that focuses on innovation and on the fishery supply chain.

Also for this year the tradition is renewed. From Thursday 16th to Sunday 19th of May, the VI edition of the eventTipicità in Blu will be held in Ancona with the focused on the Adriatic Sea. Many initiatives are planned, including the possibility for the public to visit the National Research Council - Institute of Biological Resources and Marine Biotechnologies (CNR-IRBIM). The CNR-IRBIM institute of Ancona is the first and most reliable Institute in the whole Mediterranean Sea dedicated to the fishing sector and its technologies. Every year it undertakes to divulge the result of scientific research to citizens, schools and to the stakeholders of the Mediterranean fish sector.

During Tipicità in Blu event, CNR-IRBIM  will organise a two-day’s workshop dedicated to schools, while on Saturday 18th May (from 3:00 to 7:00 pm) it will be possible to visit the Institute during the “Open Day” event. During the visits, the researchers of the institute will explain to schools and to the citizens the research topics carried out in their laboratories: the sounds of water, the biology of fish species, the role of benthic communities in the assessment of impacts induced by anthropic structures in the Adriatic sea and the microbial ecology. The TARTALIFE project, dedicated to the protection of turtles and carried out in collaboration with the fishermen of the Ancona marine industry, will be presented.

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To promote Ocean Artistic Culture Signing Ceremony
National Chiang kai-shek Memorial Hall
To promote Ocean Artistic Culture Signing Ceremony

In the Commemoration of the 10th Anniversary of the World Ocean Day.

National Chiang kai-shek Memorial Hall, Taiwan Specimen Artistic Association (TSAA) , Taiwan Ocean Artistic Museum (TOAM) celebrates this memorable day through Memorandum of Understanding Signing Ceremony, through arts and exhibitions, to raise public awareness in Marine Culture and diminishing ocean species.

National Chiang kai-shek Memorial Hall, this memorial hall was built in memory of Chiang Kai-shek, the first president of the Republic of China. Work on the hall began in 1976, a year after President Chiang passed away. A bronze statue of Chiang looks west symbolically to the Presidential Office Building and mainland China. The front plaza of the hall is also a major venue for democratic assemblies. Approximately 10,000 tourist and local citizens daily to the Memorial Hall and has renowned as the Top 10 visit ground in Taiwan in 2019.  After the MOU signing ceremony, National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall is willing to provide central and free venue exhibition area for TOAM and TSAM in the commemoration of the Ocean Day.

Taiwan Ocean Artistic Museum (TOAM) participated in Ocean Conference also has voluntary commitment #OceanAction18863, with aim to  raise public awareness in all ocean and marine campaign implemented in United Nation through artistic presentations from national to international level, to advertise UN developmental agenda 14, and address the issues world are facing to the public. Spreading the idea of environmental protection, and promote the importance of public support.

This cultural collaboration will be fully funded through governmental support, National Chiang kai-shek Memorial Hall, TSAA and TOAM are excited to allow this national level ocean exhibition can take place in one of the best visiting site in Taiwan.

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Tofu Family Beach Cleaning
Semaphore Beach
Tofu Family Beach Cleaning

To celebrate 10th World Oceans Day and save marine animals from polutions, Tofu Family is calling all of the members and environment loving friends to the beach cleaning activity at 11am 9 Jun 2019 at Semaphore Beach, SEMAPHORE SOUTH AUSTRALIA.

11:15 Introduction Speech by Cleo Cheng

11:20 Start cleaning the beach from the South side of Jetty

12:20 Gather at the Playground near the jetty and send the prizes to the children participated

12:30 Group picnic


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Together We Can Event
Asset Training centre, Nilaiyur, Madurai Tamil Nadu India
Together We Can Event

We Association for Social Solidarity and Empowerment Training Trust (Asset Trust) India celebrate World Oceans Day 2019 with theme of Together We Can  to remind everyone of the major role the oceans have in everyday life. They are the lungs of our planet, providing most of the oxygen we breathe. The purpose of the Day is to inform the public of the impact of human actions on the ocean, develop a worldwide movement of citizens for the ocean, and mobilize and unite the world’s population on a project for the sustainable management of the world's oceans. They are a major source of food and medicines and a critical part of the biosphere. In the end, it is a day to celebrate together the beauty, the wealth and the promise of the ocean.

Event Objective: 

To promote better knowledge about World Ocean and its importance to all citizen  in Tamil Nadu , India 

To Spread the Unite of of World's Population on a project for a sustainable manner 

To make fun together we can and celebrate the beauty of world ocean among all section of people in Tamil Nadu India 

Place; Asset Training Centre , Madurai 

Event date : June 6  2019 

Expect Participants : More than 250 from all over & different districts of Tamil Nadu 

The following Message  distribute in read materials to participants on the day of event :   

The oceans make our blue planet unique in our solar system -- and not just visually.  They help regulate the global climate and are the ultimate source of the water that sustains all life on Earth, from coral reefs to snow-covered mountains, from tropical rain forests to mighty rivers, and even deserts.  However, the ability of the oceans to provide their essential services is being threatened by climate change, pollution and unsustainable use.  On this World Oceans Day, we are highlighting the problem of plastic pollution.  Eighty per cent of all pollution in the sea comes from land, including some 8 million tons of plastic waste each year.  It chokes waterways, harms communities that depend on fishing and tourism, kills turtles and birds, whales and dolphins, and finds its way to the most remote areas of the planet and throughout the food chain on which we ultimately rely.  Unless we change course, plastic waste could soon outweigh all the fish in the oceans.We must work individually and collectively to stop this preventable tragedy and significantly reduce marine pollution of all kinds, including plastic.  Action starts at home, and speaks louder than words.  The United Nations aims to lead by example, and more than 30 of our agencies have now begun working to end the use of single-use plastic. But everyone needs to play a part.  You can make a difference today – and every day -- by doing simple things like carrying your own water bottle, coffee cup and shopping bags, recycling the plastic you buy, avoiding products that contain microplastics and volunteering for a local clean-up.If we all do a little, our combined actions can be massive.  On this World Oceans Day, I urge governments, communities and individuals alike to celebrate our oceans by helping clear them of pollution and ensure they remain vibrant for generations to come.

Event Organizer 

Association for Social Solidarity and Empowerment Training Trust (Asset Trust)

14 II Floor Muniyandi Koil lane, Manjana kara Street, Madurai - 625 001 

Tamil Nadu, India 

E.mail : assetbasha2011@gmail.com


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Together We Can. Reduce Plastic Waste.



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Touch Tank Hut Season Opening by Back to the Sea

Join the Back to the Sea Society for their second season of the Touch Tank Hut. Come visit this miniature marine interpretive centre featuring two large touch tanks filled with local intertidal life. There will also be face painting and shell crafts! Admission for this special opening day is by donation.


Event by Back to the Sea Society

Event contact:
Magali Gregoire

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Towards sustainable consumption of marine resources: the role of science and leaders as agents of change.

"Towards sustainable consumption of marine resources: the role of science and leaders as agents of change - women's experience of healthy, reasoned and innovative gastronomy." 

Hosted by: Estérelle Payany

18h00 | Sustainable ocean cocktail

by the Crew of the Sea Crew & the winners of the Olivier Roellinger Competition


French-English interpretation.

On registration in the limit of places available at: 



You can not move to the event? Follow us live !




14.30 - 18.00 | Conference 

"Towards a sustainable consumption of marine resources: The role of science and the leaders of change The experience of women Chefs for healthy, responsible and innovative gastronomy."

Moderated by: Estérelle Payany

18.00 | Sustainable Ocean Cocktail

by the Sea cooking Crew and the winners of the Olivier Roellinger Contest


Interpretation available in French-English. 

Limited places available (first come, first served). Please register at:


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Trash Hero Kertalangu Cleanup for World Ocean Day

Let's join Trash Hero Kertalangu beach cleanup for World Ocean Day to beat plastic pollution!
Sunday, 9 June 2019
7.00-8.30 AM
Biaung Beach, Kesiman Kertalangu, Denpasar.
Look for our volunteers' yellow shirt on the beach!
No cost, no sign up, just show up!
Don't forget to bring your own water bottle and together, let's create more awareness!

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Trash Hero Phukets 100th Cleanup on World Oceans Day!
Trash Hero Phukets 100th Cleanup on World Oceans Day!
Trash Hero Phukets 100th Cleanup on World Oceans Day!

Come and celebrate Trash Hero Phuket's 100th beach cleanup and World Oceans Day 2019 by cleaning this beautiful beach! With your and local businesses help we will stop plastic entering the sea. Follow this event on our FB page (click INTERESTED or GOING) to get more details of the meeting point, address, schedule etc.

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Trash Hero Tanjung Cleanup - World Ocean Day

Trash Hero Tanjung Cleanup - World Ocean Day

Ayo ikut bersihkan laut dan pantai kita. Bersama kita bisa membuat laut dan bumi kita menjadi lebih baik.

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Trash tag challenge

limpeza das prais de Angola

não deitar o lixo no chão 


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TrashBash Cleanup Hout Bay

Join the Two Oceans Aquarium Trash Bash on World Oceans Day. We want to do more to tackle plastic pollution in our waterways… And we want YOU to join us.

On Saturday 8 June 2019, the Trash Bash cleanup will take place at Hout Bay beach - let's help clean up our coastline!

Apart from being good for the environment, cleanups are also good for us humans. Anyone who’s spent a morning with us on a beach to pick up plastic pollution knows that it’s actually a chance to have a ball, to spend time with friends and family, to breathe in some fresh air and feel the sand between our toes, and to leave a slightly better, slightly more informed person.

  • Date: 8 June 2019
  • Time: 09h00 to 11h00
  • Location: Hout Bay beach
  • What to bring: Sunblock, a hat, water (in a reusable bottle), and reusable gloves (like the ones you’d use for gardening or doing dishes).

The Two Oceans Aquarium Trash Bash receives the support and assistance from the amazing Beach Co-op, a non-profit organisation driving change in single-use plastic through integrated surveys and research-ready beach cleanups. It’s great to have this wonderful organisation on board!

Aside from the obvious perks of doing a beach cleanup, Trash Bash also contributes to important scientific research by following the Dirty Dozen data collection method.

The Dirty Dozen are the 12 litter items that are most commonly found on our beaches. These are: Carrier bags, chip packets, cigarette lighters, cooldrink bottles, cooldrink lids, earbuds, fishing line, lightsticks, plastic lollipop sticks, straws, sweet wrappers and water bottles.


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Bulangan Beach

Marine Conservation Philippines (www.marineconservationphilippines.org) is helping a group of young, Filippino, ocean ambassadors to run a World Oceans Day festival nicknamed TrashMission. They will be inviting 45 other local, youths to learn about mangroves, seagrass, coral reefs, marine laws and all of the threats our environment is facing from human pressures. The main event of the day will be a beach clean of Bulangan Beach in Zamboanguita, Negros Oriental. From the trash they collect, they will create a temporary mural in the sand to highlight the immense issue of marine debris. This trash will then be collected and sorted for proper disposal and recycling where possible. The day will be full of education, inspiration and empowerment of local communities to try and combat marine debris.

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Trubeach at the The UN Association of Canada--Vancouver Branch, the City of Vancouver, Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup and Surfrider Vancouver

TruBeach will be hosting an information table at this event on World Ocean's Day June 8th at

Hinge Park, 215 W 1st Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia

Education Fair Set-up: 10:00am-10:30am
Education Fair: 10:30am - 2:30pm
Panel: 11:30am - 12:45pm 
Shoreline Cleanup: 10:30am-2:30pm with an official clean up starting at 12:45pm

Trubeach is a web based App that allows Beach Clean up organizations and the public to share their amazing work on this single platform.  Together we can all help bring awareness and change to the tide of trash on our beaches and in our oceans. www.trubeach.co


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