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Vietnam Sea and Island Week
Hung Vuong Square
Vietnam Sea and Island Week

On the occasion, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment together with Bac Lieu authorities also kicked off the National Action Month on Environmental Protection, in response to World Oceans Day (June 8) and World Environment Day (June 5).

Speaking at the ceremony, Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung stressed the need to protect the Earth under the serious challenges due to environmental pollution, climate change and sea level rise as well as the excessive and unsustainable exploitation of the ocean. Vietnam has a long coastline and is facing great challenges in solving environmental issues and sustainable development of marine economy.

Environmental pollution, biodiversity loss, saline intrusion, depletion of marine resources, and sea encroachment are directly threatening economic development and sustainable livelihoods for millions of people, especially disadvantaged groups.

“That fact requires all of us to make efforts to address the challenges that have been threatening the survival of the planet and our own,” Dung stated, calling for further international cooperation on environmental protection, coping with natural disasters and adapting to climate change and sea level rise, along with the sustainable management, use and conservation of sea and ocean.

In is also important to discover and replicate typical examples, models and good practices on efficient use of resources, biodiversity conservation and response to climate change and sustainable marine development, he added.

On the occasion, Deputy PM Dung presented 5,000 national flags, fishing nets made from environmentally friendly microbiological materials (produced and tested by An Phat Group) and emergency kits for fishermen in Bac Lieu.


The gifts are under the "One million national flags for fishermen", in order to support and encourage fishermen in 28 provinces and cities along the coast to head to the sea and join hands to assert national sovereignty over the sea and islands, launched by Nguoi Lao Dong (Labourer) Newspaper in Ho Chi Minh City.

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Vietnam zero sea garbage week


Ngày 30.05 là ngày Gomi-Zero-no-Hi (Zero Waste's Day) khi chơi chữ từ con số 5-30 (5 là GO, 3 là MI và 0 là ZERO)


"Tuần lễ (nói) không với rác thải biển" được bắt đầu khởi động đồng loại khắp cả nước thực hiện hoạt động dọn dẹp bờ biển với mong muốn giảm thải rác thải nhựa gây ô nhiễm các bờ biển


Chiến dịch này do Bộ Môi trường và Quỹ phi lợi nhuận Nippon Foundation thực thi lần đầu tiên trong năm nay đồng lại trong cả nước và trong ngày 30.05 (ngày đầu tiên của chiến dịch) tại bờ biển của thành phố Fujisawa thuộc tỉnh Kanagawa có hơn 400 người dần tập hợp lại


Mở đầu chiến dịch, Bộ trưởng Bộ Môi trường - Ông Harada kêu gọi "Tôi mong muốn thông qua chiến dịch này sẽ là động cơ để mọi người chúng ta suy nghĩ ra cách thức xử lý thông minh với chất nhựa (sử dụng trong sinh hoạt hằng ngày)"


Sau đó mọi người tham gia chiến dịch bắt đầu một tay cầm bao rác một tay nhặt từng lon rỗng, chai lọ đã vỡ... hay các vật đựng làm bằng plastic như vỏ bao bánh kẹo, chai nước uống nằm dưới các bãi cát (dọc bờ biển)


Theo Bộ Môi trường, do việc thu hồi rác thải sau khi đỗ ra biển sẽ rất khó khăn nên điều quan trọng vẫu là công tác phòng tránh rác thải đổ ra biển gây ô nhiễm môi trường biển


Một cô 37 tuổi - tham gia chiến dịch cùng con nhỏ của mình - chia sẽ rằng: "Nhựa là vật rất tiện lợi nhưng tôi mong muốn (mọi người chúng ta) sẽ chú ý hơn/ để tâm hơn để không vô tâm vứt rác một cách quá dễ dàng"


"Tuần lễ (nói) không với rác thải biển" sẽ diễn ra đến (ngày 6) tháng 8 - ngày Đại dương Thế giới (World Oceans Day) và trong thời gian chiến dịch diễn ra, bộ Môi trường ước tính sẽ tiến hành hoạt động dọn dẹp rác thải trên 2000 nơi trong toàn quốc với khoảng 800.000 người tham gia

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Vipingo Ridge & Oceans Alive Beach Clean up

Join Vipingo Ridge and Oceans Alive for a beach clean up this World Oceans Day. Participators should be dropped off at the Kuruwitu beach public access point at 10:30am and everyone will walk down to the Beach Club together picking up rubbish along the way. All rubbish collected on the walk will be recycled or disposed of responsibly. There will be an educational talk, fun beach games after the clean up and a free soda and mahambri for the kids.

For more detail, please visit www.vipingoridge.com/whats-on

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Visit Coffin Island for Lunch: World Oceans Week

Sunday June 9th: Boat Tour & Picnic to Coffin Island A W.O.W. EXCLUSIVE EXPERIENCE!
Departs Wharf at Noon, returns at 3pm Celebrate World Oceans Day Week by getting out on the ocean and visiting Coffin Island in Liverpool Bay with us! We're heading out on the JKC with Lobster Fisherman Captain Brad Crouse from his home port of East Berlin Wharf. Landing on the Island for Lunch (included) we'll set off an adventure to explore the cobblestone shoreline of the Island, discovering the shorebirds and maybe hike to the Lighthouse. Linger longer around the bonfire roasting marshmallows and s'mores as Capt. Crouse recalls tales from being out at sea, working and living here in this bay!

Cost: $65 plus tax, includes White Point Boxed Lunch, return trip to Coffin Island from East Berlin Wharf Min 8ppl, Max 12ppl

Event by White Point Beach Resort

Event contact:
White Point Beach Resort
800.565.5068 ext 1

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Vitamin A World Oceans Day Beach Cleanup

Invite your friends, family, and littles to celebrate World Oceans Day in Laguna for a beach cleanup with Vitamin A + 5 Gyres. We’ll be collecting trash + plastic waste that endangers local sea life, while creating a cleaner, sunnier coastline in the process. Receive some Vitamin A goodies (+ good karma) in return. See you there! 

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Volunteer Clean-Up 'Clean Simons Town'




The challenges caused by pollution in our oceans are now being globally recognised. The 8th of June has been designated by the United Nations as World Oceans Day. 

Saturday 8thJune 2019 therefore presents an ideal opportunity to launch the ‘CLEAN SIMON’S TOWN’ campaign - a voluntary response by the active citizens and businesses of Simon’s Town to address the problem of litter in the town; much of which ends up along the beaches and in the sea where the plastic is now being broken down into micro-plastics which is being eaten by fish

The first CLEAN SIMON’S TOWN project intends to remove the accumulated litter that has gathered along and next to the Main Road, the railway line  and the shore from Glencairn Station to Simon’s Town Station.

On Saturday 8th June at 10h00 volunteers are invited to gather in Main Road opposite Harbour Bay Centre to get involved in the clean-up. Bring a hat, garden gloves, sunscreen and WEAR A WHITE SHIRT!

Those wishing to clean in the water please bring your dive gear.


Event organised by Clean Simons Town, PRASA and Cape Research and Diver Development 



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Volunteer Orientation & Sunset Cleanup

Volunteer Orientation & Sunset Cleanup 

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W Maldives Coral Planting

To mark the occassion of World Oceans Day W Maldives Resort has initiated the coral planting project open for our talents and guest to take part in.

After collecting broken coral fragments to be used in this project, on the day itself we will deploy coral trays in few different locations around the island.

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Walk for Peace, Beach Clean Up 2019

You are invited to participate in our “Walk for Peace! “Xamanica Xperiences” Beach Cleanup 2019”.

Hagamos algo por nosotros y los nuestros. Demostremos que hay más gente buena en este mundo!
Celebremos la Paz y hagamos limpia en una acción positiva. Limpiando nuestras playas!
En este acto nuestro mensaje al mundo es que unidos por el bien del Planeta es lo que exigimos como seres humanos y que estamos dispuestos a ensuciarnos las manos para lograrlo. Que la violencia y la gente mala es una minoría comparada con nosotros los que si nos importa hacer de este lugar un mundo mejor.
Agenda tu calendario y participa este Sábado Junio 8, 2019 en Playa del Carmen.

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Walking into the mangrove
Kota Kinabalu Wetland Ramsar Site, Likas, Sabah
Walking into the mangrove

An hald day environmental education event for parents and kids to be organised at Kota Kinabalu Wetland Ramsar Site, Likas, Sabah.

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Wallenius Wilhelmsen Celebrates World Oceans Day around the globe.
Wallenius Wilhelmsen Celebrates World Oceans Day
Wallenius Wilhelmsen Celebrates World Oceans Day around the globe.

Our offices around the world are participating in WOD events with activities that feature sustainable products, acquatic clean-ups, and informing employees about our company's top three sustainable intiatives:

  • Ship Recycling Transparency Intitiative
  • Trident Alliance
  • Orcelle Award

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Washed Ashore - Art to save the sea Exhibition

Kyla Greenham, Manager of Conservation and Environment for the Toronto Zoo will be hosting up close discussions for the Washed Ashore - Art to save the sea Exhibition. These interactive tours of the Washed Ashore sculptures at the Toronto Zoo will highlight the impact of plastic pollution in the freshwater and marine ecosystems and provide every day actions people can commit to to make a difference.  Every Action Counts!

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Washed Ashore: Art to Save the Sea

Made entirely of plastic debris collected from beaches, sculptures unmask the impacts of plastic pollution on oceans, waterways and wildlife.

This exhibit is included in regular zoo admission.

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Waste Talk with Stop Trashing It and The Tare Shop

Waste talk: Crash course on recycling: what goes where, potential to include at home composting waste reduction component.

Event by The Tare Shop / Stop Trashing It


Event contact:
Kate Pepler

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Water at Dusk Exhibition
One Planet One Future
Water at Dusk Exhibition

June 03 2019 @ 12:00 PM - June 29 2019 @ 7:00 PM

Hosted By: One Planet One Future

Dates: Monday, June 3rd - Saturday, June 29th

Time: 12:00pm - 7:00pm  

Location: 461 West Street, New York, NY 10014

Description: Limited Time Exhibition: Water at Dusk in celebration of the Ocean. 

Access: Free and open to the public.



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Water Family Days Journée de l'Océan
Plage de la Baleine - Hendaye
Water Family Days Journée de l'Océan

Le 8 juin c’est la Journée Mondiale des Océans.
Il est menacé, mais nous savons que chaque jour vous agissez, à votre niveau pour le préserver !
Jouons en équipe pour la planète car chaque geste a du sens !

Rejoignons nous pour une journée de sensibilisation et de mobilisation avec les Water Family Days


10h30 à 18h :
Ateliers de sensibilisation à l’eau et l’alimentation animés par
Team Océwood #WaterFamily La Water Family - Du Flocon à la Vague EQ Love, le Sauvetage Côtier 

10h30 : Marche Aquatique avec Marche Aquatique Côte Basque

11h30 : TOUS A L'EAU ! Grand rendez-vous des océans. Venez avec vos planches, vos maillots, vos palmes, vos masques pour un grand bain collectif. Montrons que nous sommes nombreux à vouloir une vague de changement pour notre planète.

En présence de nos sportifs ambassadeurs, du Team Ocewood Water Family, Open Swim Stars,#RamePourTaPlanète

Sportifs présents : Mathieu Crepel (Champion du monde de SnowBoard), Fabrice Jeannet (médaillé Olympique Escrime), Marianne Brechu (Vice-Championne monde de Freeride), Stéphanie Barneix (multiple championne du monde de sauvetage en mer), Pauline Ado (championne du monde de Surf ISA), Justine Mauvin (championne internationale de surf), Bastien Montès (Champion de Vitesse Ski)

14h: découverte de la nage en eau libre avec Open Swim Stars

15h: TAG team de surf avecOlaian : nos sportifs ambassadeurs vont s'affronter pour le plaisir !

Lieu : plage de la Baleine à Hendaye
Evénement Gratuit

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Water Innovation Lab "We need a Wave of Change: Transforming Ocean Plastics!"www
Bürgerhaus am Seepark, Gerhart-Hauptmann-Str. 1, 79110 Freiburg, Germany
Water Innovation Lab "We need a Wave of Change: Transforming Ocean Plastics!"www

The Water Innovation Lab is an invitation to all pioneers, innovators and game changers in industry, science and civil society that have deeply understood that we need a second wave of change! The first wave started 10 years ago, when individuals such as Jo Ruxton started collecting facts about our plastic foot print in the ocean and its impact on the marine and human ecosystem. After having seen the movie „A Plastic Ocean“, or having read one of the numerous studies, reports or articles that have been published especially in the last couple of years, we know „all“ the facts and we know that it is time to innovate and change now!

The Water Innovation Lab is a barcamp type gathering focused on 5 action areas:

1. „Garbage out“: How can plastics be removed from the sea or stopped from entering it in the first place? What are the most promising approaches?

2. „Recycling“: What are the processes like for enabling recycling of ocean plastics on an industrial scale and thereby contributing to conservation of resources? What prototypes are there? What products is ocean plastic suitable for?

3. „Bio-based Plastics“: What are the latest trends in the development of degradable plastic? For which products is bio-based plastic suitable or not suitable? What does it require for further scaling?

4. „New Lifestyle“: What approaches are there for a life “without plastics”, what do the alternatives look like? What type of attitude is possible and necessary for reducing the “plastic footprint”?

5. „Transformation Management“: How does the transformation of complex social and industrial challenges succeed? Which examples can be inspiring? What kind of awareness and tools promote "open innovation" and successful change?

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Water Is Life-Beach Challenge Cleanup and Celebration

Mass beach sweep organized by water protectors surrounding the Bay Of Fundy.  Cleanup up of our coastal beaches.  Will include 2 Canadian Provinces.  Nova Scotia and New Brunswick water protectors who share the beautiful Bay Of Fundy, will work with waste authorities in their respective communities and weigh the garbage!!

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Water Rising Festival
Kampong Khleang
Water Rising Festival

The Water Rising Festival – June 7-9th, Tonle Sap Lake.  This is a 3-day, 3 village cleanup event, along the shores of the famous Tonle Sap Lake, Cambodia’s inland ocean.  We have created a semi-annual cleanup festival for the villages along the lake, at each of the high and low water seasons, with the December event called the Water Falling Festival.  (video summary here)

Thanks to the Treeline Hotel, Flight Centre, and Lush Cosmetics for their support for the event.

World Oceans Day is June 8th, and our Angkor Roo play on Recycling and waste management will be performed that night in the village of Kampong Khleang, thanks to the great work of Bambu Stage Cambodia. The Tonle Sap Lake is Cambodia's inland ocean, so we are excited to be hosting this event in honor of our waters globally, fresh or salt.

You can support the Water Rising Festival if you can’t be there in person, by donating here, all tax deductible in the U.S.

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Water Wizard - Enviromagic for World Oceans Day

Celebrate World Oceans Day by attending "Water Wizard", an enviromagic show!  This show enchants, educates and empowers audiences with the magic of water and the secrets that allow us to use our own magic to protect our ocean planet.

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