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Baishawan Beach (白沙灣) Beach Clean Up - National Beach Cleanup Day

2018年的 National Beach Cleanup全國淨灘日中的白沙灣組 由Taiwan Adventure Outings、One Brown Planet 資源再生 以及 Origin Yoga & Wellness 起源瑜伽 一同協力主辦!
As part of the 2018 National Beach Cleanup hosted by Taiwan Adventure Outings - One Brown Planet 資源再生 and Origin Yoga & Wellness 起源瑜伽 are proud to be co-organising the Baishawen Beach Clean Up 🤪 

每年都有數以萬計的垃圾被亂丟在我們美麗的台灣海灘,各種塑膠製品對環境造成的污染可說是處處皆是! 海裡的生物被人類製造出來垃圾殘害著、也延伸污染到我們喝的飲用水、甚至我們呼吸的空氣!垃圾污染在我們不經意的每分每秒迅速擴大!我們需要你的力量!一起與迎戰污染,一起加入我們一起在5/20淨灘,幫助台灣、幫助地球還原美麗的海洋!
Millions of tons of garbage is dumped in our oceans every year. Plastic pollution is now found in fish, drinking water and the air we breathe. Come down to the beach today and join us as we fight against this rising tide of pollution and help make a difference!

- Mark Blackburn (mark@onebrownplanet.com or 0905734454)

活動時間Event Starts: 早上11:00am ---- 預計結束時間Event Finish: 下午13:00pm

集合地點Meeting Location: (請Google搜尋)Origin Yoga and Wellness (See Map for More Details)

行程說明Directions: 將從Origin Yoga and Wellness集合,從前方海灘開始往西淨灘白沙灣海灘。
Starting from Origin Yoga and Wellness we will continue heading West towards Baishawen beach and aim to finish there at 13:00pm. 

要帶什麼What to Bring?: 墨鏡Sunscreen, 帽子hat, 海灘穿著beach attire, 水water, 自備食物或至白沙灣附近購買money for food. 

我們提供We Provide: 垃圾袋Garbage bags and 手套gloves (如果自行擁有也可自備But please bring your own if you have them)

如何到達How to Get there?:

從淡水車站搭乘公車By Bus (從淡水車站約1小時車程Allow 1:00 hr from Tamsui MRT) - 

- 搭乘任何可至淡水捷運車站的公車或捷運至淡水捷運站,然後搭乘淡水客運或台汽客運往金山方向,在《德茂站》下車!走路一分鐘即到達Origin Yoga and Wellness。

Take any of the Danshui Route bus or MRT to Danshui(淡水). Then, change to Tanshui Express Bus or Taichi Express Bus bound for Jinshan(金山), Shihmen(石門) and alight at De Mao (德茂) bus station. Walk 1 minute to Origin Yoga and Wellness (起源瑜伽)

開車By Car - 
- South bound – From Keelung(基隆), go on No 2 Provincial Highway (國道2號) to Origin Yoga and Wellness (起源瑜伽)
- North bound – From Chungching North Road Interchange(重慶北路交流道), go on No 2B Provincial Highway (台2乙線) and then No 2 Provincial Highway (國道2號) to Origin Yoga and Wellness (起源瑜伽)





Organization Name
One Brown Planet 資源再生
Organization Type
Conservation Organization
Member of Aquarium Conservation Partnership (ACP)
Participant in AZA's SAFE Campaign


27 Fenglin Road,
New Taipei City, Shimen District 253 Taiwan