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Drinks Reception to celebrate World Oceans Day


Jennifer Guerrini Maraldi, JGM Gallery Director and Blue Marine Foundation would be delighted for you to join them on the evening of Wednesday 19th June to enjoy the wonderful artwork made by Erub Arts. An artists group working with fishing nets that have washed up on the shore of their Pacific Island.

As the global war on waste collects momentum, the exhibition Caught In The Net at JGM Gallery London is timely and significant. It is designed to link environmental artists and conservation groups with a wider audience. Exploring and drawing attention to the growing crisis of plastic pollution in our oceans while acknowledging and promoting understanding of varying cultural aspects.

The exhibition Caught in the Net features artwork developed as a collaboration of Erub Arts with Lynnette Griffiths and Marion Gaemers, Australian artists who are at the forefront of the global ghost net artistic movement. Biodiversity, environmental preservation and proximity bring together these indigenous and non-indigenous artists.


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