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Enjoying sustainable healthy seafood


Seafood is a nutritionally important food and part of our culture. However, uncertainty about sustainability has left many including health professionals unsure what to recommend(Farmery et al 2017).

The Fisheries Research and Development Corporation with the leading dietitcan have developed a guide that provides health consumers and professionals with the latest information based on research from theStatus of Australian Fish Stocks Reports, and information on the health benefits of eating seafood. For an overview of the nutritional reasons to encourage seafood consumption. You candownload and read the review of the evidence supporting the promotion of fish and seafood for health 

The good news is Australian fisheries offer a wide variety of seafood species, managed to ensure there is an ongoing supply and sustainability. Plenty ofinformation is available on Australian seafood to help us choose the most sustainable species. Eating seafood is a good choice for our health, but sustainable, locally caught seafood is also good for the environment and supports the local fishing industry.

http://www.fishfiles.com.au/Experts/HealthProfessionals/Healthy-family-friendly-recipes On this World Oceans day enjoy some simple sustainalble seafood. Each recipe has been chosen because it is healthy, simple and suitable for everyday meals. A cost per serve helps those on a budget. Importantly, each recipe includes suggestions for sustainable fish species.


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