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Forum Science Océan


The Forum Science Ocean is an annual polydisciplinary Forum who regroups  students  of the Polydisciplinary Faculty, Cadi Ayyad un Morocco.

The students who participate to the Forum are from different departements (Law, Biology, Economics and Geography). 

They work together on the same topics related to the Sea but from different scientific approaches.

A jury, composed by professionals of the maritime sector participate to score the students work. 

Topics presented by the students are related to different aspects of maritime governance : fisheries, aquaculture, marine pollution, marine renewable energies, offshore  oil exploration, etc.

The themes are divited into categories: Posters, Debates and Short présentations...

In 2019 édition, we will include a session called "Testimony" un which people who are working in thé Sea will talk about their experineces.

The objectives of the Forum Sciences Ocean is to prepare students to deal with current  maritime issues in the framework of multidisciplinary teams. It also tends to improve students research and soft skills. 



Organization Name
Cadi Ayyad University - Polydisciplinary Faculty
Organization Type
Academic Institution - College or University
Member of Aquarium Conservation Partnership (ACP)
Participant in AZA's SAFE Campaign


Université Cadi Ayyad - Faculté polydisciplinaire- Safi
Route El Jadida - Sidi Bouzid
Safi, 46000 Morocco